Redefining your natural beauty ABOUT THE PLASMOLIFTING™ METHOD

The way thePlasmolifting™ method works

This renewable source of health that resides in our own blood was developed and applied in 2003 by the Russian scientists Renat R. Akhmerov (professor, Doctor of Medicine, plastic surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon, oncodermatologist) and Roman F. Zarudy (PhD in Medical Sciences, maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist). They created the Plasmolifting™ technology, a medical procedure that can be called, without exaggeration, the “modern elixir of youth”.

History of the Plasmolifting™ method

The Plasmolifting™ technology – this renewable source of health contained in our own blood – was developed and applied in the 21st century. Applying autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) began with the use of this injectable form in maxillofacial surgery. During the research, scientists discovered that, when PRP is injected into the affected areas, the acceleration of skin regeneration processes is stimulated. The skin also becomes more hydrated, more elastic, firmer, the number and depth of expression wrinkles and pigment spots is reduced.


The necessary equipment for the Plasmolifting™ method